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What is Nutritional consulting?

Saskia is an expert in the field of healthy lifestyle, orthomolecular nutritionist, liefstyle coach and author. With a lot of passion she inspires people and companies to make kitchens more healthy. The thing she loves most is to make people passionate about a healthy lifestyle and help them to reach a vital body.

Nutritional consulting is focused on improving your health. The goal of our sessions is to help you making your daily food fit. 

A growing amount of scientific research is showing that there is a significant correlation between food and illnesses that can't be ignored any longer. Research has shown that poor food habits play a role in the development of, for example, cancer, heart- and cardiovascular diseas and diabetes.

Orthomolucar treatments strives to consuming a very high amount of necessary and nutrious nutrients for optimal health and to limit the amount of consumed toxics. However, even with a healthy food pattern and for healthy people it's difficult to consume the correct and optimal amount of nutrients, therefore it's important to supplement some nutrients.


During the intake of 60 minutes we talk about your health problems and current eating pattern. I will fully analyse all we’ve talked about. Based on my analysis you will receive a personal advise. This includes a comprehensive manual and example menu with recipes.


  • Intake of 60 minutes
  • Personalized nutritional advice.
  • Manual by Saskia Roeda.
  • Example menu and recipes.
  • Optional: custom made detox plan.
  • Price: € 95,-, VAT included.


What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.
- Buddha

Follow up consult

During the follow-up we will discuss your progress; what went well and what went not so well. I will answer your questions regarding the measurements. We will set up new goals for the rest of the project.


  • Follow up consult of 30 minutes at my office, by telephone or via Skype.
  • Measuring (weight, circumference measurements and skin fold measurements).
  • Questions will be answered and progress will be discussed
  • Price: € 55,-, VAT included

Whether your goal is learnig more about how getting or staying fit, loosing some kilos, or just how to put more plantfood on your menu, get in touch with me and make an appointment. I am delighted to help you.

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