Saskia Roeda - making food fit

Saskia is an expert in the field of healthy lifestyle, orthomolecular nutritionist, author and lifestyle coach. With a lot of passion she inspires people and companies to make kitchens more healthy. She has a consulting-practice in Heemstede and Velsen and gives plant-based cooking classes in Bloemendaal. The thing she loves most is to make people passionate about a healthy lifestyle and help them to reach a fit, well-balanced body. 

Saskia has always been interested in tasty and healthy food. In her early 30s she started getting serious intestinal problems and has tried many different diets and therapies. Because she tested everything herself, and completed many studies on plantfood she became an expert in eating very healthy, delicious food. When she was introduced to  plantfood, she was shocked by the huge impact of plant-based food on your body and health.

Important in her kitchen is that the food needs to be prepared easily, looking beautiful with an amazing taste.

Saskia speaking

“I believe in the power of eating healthy and delicious. Don’t fill but feed, because natural, unprocessed foods contain the highest concentration of nutrients. For years I have been looking for this, because healthy food isn’t a luxury but a necessity for me, due to the intestinal problems I’ve had in the past. Eating plant- based food has been the solution for me".

"Eating close to nature and feeling amazing. Being fit, being in balance. It’s my mission to let as many people as possible experience how tasty and healthy food can be and how amazing you will feel with this lifestyle. Let food be your medecine!"


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