Vegan delight


In this book by Saskia Roeda you’ll find hip, delicious and yet quick to make - plant-based recipes without complicated equipment or ingredients. The refined sugar, wheat, gluten and lactose-free recipes are easy to follow and makes delicious healthy food very accessible.

The 128-page book provides delicious recipes for every meal of the day and many useful tips. The book also contains a complete detox plan. A hearty detox that makes you feel fitter, gives your immune system a boost and helps you lose a few excess kilos. Start the day with a hemp strawberry shake and end the day with a creamy chocolate cake - tha bomb!

A must-have for anyone who wants to detox or lose weight, but especially for those who want to eat more fruit and vegetables in a very tasty and easy way.

Fontaine publishers, ISBN 9789059566521

Price: € 19,99


REviews of Vegan Delight

This is my favorite cook book at the moment! With the start of spring my body has been asking for lighter meals and this book is perfect for this. The introduction is very handy! 10x shakes and juices, 10x breakfast, 10x lunch, 10x dinner, 10 desserts which you can choose from. No- nonsense, no unnecessary glossy pictures of hip vegan girls but really tasty and rich food. Beautiful mouthwatering pictures of food that inspire. Once making more of these recipes you will, I’ve noticed, experiment more yourself as well. Handy size.

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Classic !! This book is full from A to Z with super healthy, tasty AND easy recipes! Good news also for people who eat vegetarian, gluten and lactose free ... this book is 100% satisfactory And do you want to do a detox? Vegan Delight may well be your Bible.

There is a new, trendy vegan cook book on the market: Vegan Delight by Saskia Roeda. It’s a modern and beautiful book book filled with hearty. Pure plant based food has many benefits, as: more energy, lower cholesterol, a boost for your immunity system, good digestion, many vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It can also help you to lose weight, but then you need to stick with it for a while. It’s a healthy lifestyle, no crash diet

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The colorful cook book Vegan Delight by Saskia Roeda proves eating a purely plant based diet doesn’t need to be boring. Saskia shows you can give your body a boost in an easy way by following the vegan- detox plan. This book is filled with hearty recipes, mainly raw-food, which can help you to clean your body and mind. Besides, all recipes are free of wheat, gluten, lactose and refined sugar: Ideal for people with allergies and food intolerances.

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