Vegan cooking classes

Discover new ways of eating and cooking. Healthy gourmet plant-based cuisine suitable for vegans, vegetarians and also for flexetariers. During my whole life I have travelled a lot and I met many cultureres. One thing I like very much is the idea that sharing food is - wherever you are in the world - always connecting people. Making us one big world. Many recipes I share with you are the the most wonderful recipes I took home from all my different trips.

Pure plant-food is though not a dogma for me. I did notice that whatever your health question is, it is always good to eat more vegetables. Eating pure plant-based as a cure can even cure diseases like diabetes II, high blood pressure and low-grade inflammations in your body. It can be a real reset for your body and soul.


Why it is good to have more vegetables, fruit and grains on your menu:

  • for healthy intestines and a good immune system
  • to maintain or reach your ideal weight
  • increase your energy level
  • tackle food cravings
  • clear spirit
  • stay or become fit

"easy to make, healthy, (s)low carb, gluten free meals, also men love it!"

cooking class Italian

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Cooking class Asian

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Cooking class Breakfast & Snacks

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Cooking class Buddha bowls

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