Orthomolecular nutricion

Orthomolecular nutricion aims to improve your health by providing your body with the optimal quantities of natural vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. By simply changing your eating habits and overall lifestyle you can feel so much better! Eating as many necessary and useful nutrients and less nutrients that aren’t beneficial will help you feel great. This is exactly what orthomoleculair nutricion does. The power of a healthy lifestyle is insurmountable it can even reverse diabetes type 2. Which is great news, because a growing number of scientific researches show a relation between nutrition and diseases. It has been proven that bad eating habits can increase the chance of cancer, heart and vascular disease and diabetes.

Being and staying healthy has everything to do with finding and keeping the right physical and mental balance. If this balance is disrupted, different types of health issues can occur. Every person is different, which makes it is important to find the right balance for YOU. Not all bodies are the same and therefore, they react in a unique way. However, we’ve learned that by only eating unprocessed food and additives and other toxins, make us healthier.


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